Privacy Policy

Sonic Wi-Fi reserves the right to intercept and monitor all usage and flow of communication through the service provided and take any other action required to ensure that the security and reliability of its network is not compromised.

All customer information required for providing the service including personal information such as address, telephone numbers and banking details will be kept in the strictest confidence by Sonic Wi-Fi and will not be distributed or sold to third parties.

The client may not use the service of Sonic Wi-Fi in any way that can compromise the security of its network and may not tamper with the network or service in any way.

The client is solely responsible for the protection of their data on any personal computing devices (Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones) when using the Sonic Wi-Fi service. Devices should be adequately protected with the required anti-virus, spyware, firewall and encryption where required.

Sonic Wi-Fi cannot be held responsible for any breach of security that occurs on client devices.

The client may not use the service provided by Sonic Wi-Fi for any illegal or unlawful activity. This includes (but is not limited to) gathering or email addresses or names for political, commercial, charitable or any other use as well as gathering personal information of third parties without their consent. In addition, the client may not violate or allow the violation the privacy of any person or attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Sonic Wi-Fi network or any other network by hacking, phishing, password mining or any other action that compromises the privacy of any person or network.

If any client is found to engage in any of the above actions, Sonic Wi-Fi reserves the right, without prejudice to any other rights to without notice and immediate effect, suspend or terminate any client service and/or agreement without refunding any paid service as any such action is deemed a breach of contract. Furthermore, Sonic Wi-Fi reserves the right to invoice the client with any costs incurred inclusive of bandwidth, administrative fees, possible downtime caused and any other costs incurred to rectify the breach of security.

Although the client’s personal information is protected by a confidentiality clause, client information may be made available to any person or entity affected by these actions.

Sonic Wi-Fi does not keep a record of any passwords to access client premises Wi-Fi routers. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that access to premises equipment is secured by not providing outside parties with the access code to connect to these routers.