Code of Conduct

Sonic Computers and Wi-Fi cc (referred to as "Sonic")

Sonic Computers and Wi-Fi been drafted in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa in terms of section 4 read with section 69(1) of the Electronic Communications Act, 2005 (No.36 of 2005), in respect of a code of conduct for electronic communications and electronic communications network service licensees.

Use of official language

Sonic pledge to do its best to serve the customer in his preferred language and if not possible would revert to English as the most common spoken language to communicate to the customer.

Consumer Rights

  1. The ICASA Code of Conduct Regulations 2007 stipulate the following (non-exhaustive) list of consumer rights held by consumers:
    11.1. A right to be provided with the required service without unfair discrimination;
    11.2. A right to choose the service provider of the consumer's choice;
    11.3. A right to receive information in the consumer's preferred language;
    11.4. A right to access and question records held by the service provider which relate to the consumer's relationship with the service provider;
    11.5. A right to the protection of the consumer's personal data, including the right not to have personal data sold to third parties without the consumer's permission;
    11.6. A right to port a number in terms of applicable regulations;
    11.7. A right to lodge a complaint; and
    11.8. A right to redress.

Availability of Information

All information of services and products offered by Sonic is available on Sonic website

    • Business Hours
    • Internet Packages and Pricing for each service offered
    • Terms and conditions, code of Conduct
    • Contact Details of each Sonic outlet
    • Billing, billing processes and the Billing Disputes Procedure;
    • General Complaints Procedure

Protection of Consumer Confidentiality

Sonic will keep the customers account details, usernames and any other relevant information confidential at all time, and will not disclose any of that information to any 3rd Party.


In the event of a Billing complaint you are required to send your complaint to Please add the following to your letter of complaint, it would increase handling of your complaint more sufficiently

  1. Please forward the bill in dispute

The mound and service that you are referring to.

  1. Sonic Admin department will assess the inquiry and be in communication with you as the subscriber within 72 Hours of receiving your letter of complaint. If you as the subscriber are not satisfied with outcome of the complaint, you can take this matter up with ICASA in Terms of section 17(H) of ICASA Act


  1. In the event of a dispute, you as a Sonic subscriber will be required to provide Sonic the opportunity to resolve your complaints weather it is Hardware, Billing or Service related before directing your complaint to ICASA
  2. Please direct your complaint to

Stating your:

  • Name and Surname

2.2 Short description of your problem and the history of with whom you’ve been in contact with.

3. Sonic will acknowledge the receipt of your complaint within 8 Hours of receiving your complaint.

4. Sonic will resolve the complaint within 48 Hours unless specified and agreed with you as the customer because of external factors that in play that is preventing sonic to resolve the matter within said time frame.

5. If the resolution to your complaint is not to your Satisfactory you may direct your complaint to ICASA in terms of section 17 (H) of the ICASA Act

6. Minimum Operational Service Standards

The End-user and Subscriber Service Charter Regulations 2016 set out the following quality of service parameters for Fixed Wireless:
6.1 95% network service availability averaged over 6 months

6.2 95% service availability averaged over 6 months

6.3 For Fixed Wireless or Fiber, 95% success rate in meeting residential services installations within advertised time frame

6.4 For Fixed Wireless, 95% success rate for activation within 48 hours measured over 30 days

6.5 Fixed, 90% of faults cleared within 2 days

6.6 Average call setup success ratio must be greater than 98% averaged over 30 days

6.9 All call centre support related calls should be resolved within 6 hours of call